Office massage or massage on sports, conference, business, professionals meetings, different events
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Office massage or massage on sports, conference, business,
professionals meetings, different events
Below you can book an office massage therapist between 1 & 4 hours, or go for the best deal &
book a therapist to come & massage you in the office for the whole day.
All our prices include Vat & travel expenses.
Please call our head office on +7 903 792 1930  if you need any more info or to book, just scroll
through the list below and choose how long you would like, allowing 24 hours for us to book your
office massage therapist.
What is Office Massage?
Office Massage is when a massage therapist comes into your Workplace, to relax and de-stress
everyone, benefiting both the employee and the company.
Office Massage takes place in a specially designed massage chair in a quite room or at your desk
and takes place through your clothing so requires no messy oils.
The massage therapist will bring the massage chair, some relaxing music and everything else thats
The only thing you need to provide is some hard working people who deserve a massage.
Why use Office Massage?
Companies that have regular massage at work for their staff, know it enhances and improves their
employees overall performance and there aware of the other benefits office massage brings from
looking after and appreciating their employees.
Office massage is designed to relieve physical and mental stress within a company.
It is also an cost-effective way to boost morale and increase your organisations productivity.
There are many other benefits from receiving Monthly On Site Office Massage visits.
        Office Massage All day 10:30am -5pm
All day Office massage is from 10:30am - 5:00pm
In a day an Office Massage Practitioner can massage up
to 22 people for 10 minutes massage each.
    1 Hour Office Massage
1 hour office massage
1 hour options are:
6 people massaged for 10 minutes
4 people massaged for 15 minutes
3 people massaged for 20 minutes $!&...
   2 hours office massage
2 hours of quality Japanese massage at your workplace
· Improves staff productivity
· Creates a great atmosphere in the workplace
· Improves emplo...
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